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KEYSTONE has been founded on the firmly belief that design has the power to improve lives.
Driven by the passion to turn projects into unique memorable places the KEYSTONE Partners particular holistic vision and approach to design have created built environments of enduring economic, social, physical and aesthetic value around the globe.
The KEYSTONE partners; Architects Maximo Rumis and Marcela Leiva founders and principals of DPZ Latin America and Urban Environments Design Group (UEDG); spanning twenty years of professional experience have directed more than two hundred iconic projects providing the firm with a unique insight within the fields of Urban Development, Architecture, Landscape and Project Implementation.

The wide range and diversity of their projects demonstrate the firm principles and great expertise to integrate the several scales of design and implementation challenges that comprises the complexity of urban developments to produce an alchemy from the project’s land into successful, cohesive built environments that have become community pride and transcended as successful real estate growth models.