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Samborondón, Ecuador

Aires de Batan is situated in the suburban fringe of Guayaquil, Ecuador. The highway leading to here is littered with suburban sprawl consisting of gated residential communities, shopping strip centers, and highway oriented businesses. This pattern of development is unsustainable and is largely responsible for the many problems, including traffic congestion. Following the principles of New Urbanism, Aires de Batan proposes to offer a community filled with its own character, offering mixed-use, pedestrian friendly, transit oriented, civic buildings and spaces, with an inter-connected network of street. A network of canals and lakes will connect, secure and embellish the neighborhood while functioning as a drainage system of the land. There will be a choice of life styles, from the lively urban to the peaceful rural. Aires de Batan will develop into a community with an inherent value that balances social, security, economic and environmental needs.