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Florida, USA Proyect Participation

The 158-acre site occupies the last piece of beachfront property on the Florida Panhandle. It slopes slightly to the south, offering exceptionally long views to the water from many points inland. Approximately 20 acres of jurisdictional wetlands lie to the north. Within this configuration, the urban-to-rural transect distributes the denser, more urban concentrations near the beach and the sparser, more rural elements toward the wetlands. Seeking to achieve an overall feeling of calm and simplicity for the town, the design team turned to a number of sources for inspiration. A trip to Bermuda led to the discovery of the perfect architectural style for the project. The simple volumes of whitewashed masonry and stucco typical of the style possess an uncomplicated, organic beauty. Buildings are grouped into small compounds and unified by perimeter walls, which are higher and more formal in the urban zones, lower and more rustic in the rural areas. The Bermuda style is combined with a patio house type that originated in Antigua and a courtyard building type that came from California. The town will also employ the best available urban design and architecture techniques to create harmonious relationship between humans and the environment. Combined with the pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use plan, these techniques will make Alys Beach a leader in ecologically sound living in Florida.