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Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA Proyect Participation

Bon Secour Village was designed to be a true community made up of a diverse group of full-time residents and visitors. Situated on nearly 1,000 acres on the Intracoastal Waterway in Gulf Shores, Alabama, the 1,000-acre site has ample space to accommodate the wide variety of building types, uses, lifestyles, and ages required to construct an authentic and vibrant new town. At the heart of the community lies the marina, which serves as Bon Secour’s central square. Its scale is similar to that of the harbor in Portofino, Italy. The tallest of the town’s buildings are concentrated in this most urban area, along with two towers marking the harbor. Surrounding the marina is a dense network of streets and walkways, designed to serve both pedestrians and vehicles. The second phase is intended to include an interconnected system of canals and a series of small greens and squares weaving throughout the site and culminating in an elegant, world-class golf course. The primary inspiration for the architecture and building types comes from New Orleans. A full range of housing options will be available, including apartments, live-work units, townhouses, courtyard houses, and large single-family homes.