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Ayangue, Ecuador

Casa del Sol will be resort community located off the west coast of Ecuador near the town of Ayangue. The property consist of just over 27 hectares with a low flat center that slopes up onto ridges with a more rough terrain. The site has two beautiful beaches framed within the coastal cliffs. The main obstacle in designing Casa del Sol was that the coast contained all the views which were not visible to most of the property, thus limiting the value and potential for this community. To compensate, a lake was carved out from the low flat center deep into the site. This allowed for a new beach front to be replicated providing an amenities of value that now provided views throughout the site. Three villages were shaped and named for their main defining features which included the Mountain Village, the Beach Village, and the Sunset Village. Each village integrated a civic-minded component to serve as its center such as community club or hotel. Other civic space and parks were tailored to the sites natural features, creating wonderful opportunities for its residents and visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of this special place. The recreational sports club was located at the main entrance anchoring the village center. From here, a small marina opens up the new lake stretching out to the existing beach. A botanical garden island sits in the center of the lake, with homes fronting one side creating a beautiful backdrop to the newly created lake beachfront, and water villas nestled quietly on the opposite rural side. The lake ends at the edge of the natural beach onto a beach club with a magnificent swimming pool wrapping two large gazebos. A narrow road connects all the villages together and a more extensive network of trails and pedestrian paths complete the neighborhood structure. Architecture was inspired to respond to the local climate. Incorporating features with generous outdoor spaces such as terraces, galleries, balconies, and porches, with rooms that opened to the outdoors. An extensive variety of unit types and some with very unique conditions were produced for Casa del Sol, among them; courtyards, water villas, and tree houses. Materials and colors were selected to compliment the site in earth tones using wood, rocks and stones.