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Texas, USA Proyect Participation

Central Park is a unique project as it integrates New Urbanism and Green Design by taking an existing reservoir and demonstrates on how to combine the multiple challenges of storm-water management, water purification, energy conservation and urban place making into a single coherent design. The site is situated within the Rio Grande delta in McAllen, Texas, US. Its 58 acre reservoir is transformed into a Town Center of over 1,000 residences and 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial. Central Park is filled with various building types, hotels and civic institutions. They are tightly organized into a traditional network of pedestrian-friendly streets, squares, passages and courtyards. The heart of the plan is a waterway that flows from the highest point to its lowest level in a meandering path. It is expected to treat approximately one million gallons of untreated Rio Grande water through a "Living Machine" that uses shade, root mass, micro-organism, fish, filters and waterfalls into potable water. Many other strategies are incorporated into the design to promote Green Building Design.