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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Proyect Participation

Award for Outstanding Communications and Public Engagement, for East Fraserlands, Vancouver, Canada: Canadian Urban Institute (2007) Neighborhood Planning Excellence Award for East Fraserlands, Vancouver, Canada: Canadian Institute of Planners (2007) Award for Best Offi cial Development Plan submittal, East Fraserlands, Vancouver, Canada: Canadian Urban Institute (2007) The East Fraserlands plan brings together the design principles of traditional neighborhood development with taller buildings, ‘green’ building principles and environmentally sustainable strategies. It incorporates a balance of innovative urban housing forms with a complete commercial town center. Situated about 10km southeast from downtown, the site housed a sawmill for nearly a century. Five different plan options were created, each of which would divide the site into three distinct neighborhoods, comprising a town center and two neighborhoods. In all plans, the neighborhoods were defined by two significant and generous north-south ecological greenways. A smaller sequence of green spaces and pedestrian mews connect the neighborhood centers to one another. Each neighborhood was designed with equal consideration given to its urban fabric and public realm, with specific sites and open spaces reserved for their civic and public functions. Each plan aims to accentuate and maximize public views of the water and the parks, as well as offer a range of recreational opportunities within the parks and open space system.