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Tubarâo, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Fazenda Reboredo demonstrates that a site with several unique, difficult, and challenging obstacles may be overcomed, delivering a very special place that people will genuinely love to live, work and visit in. It is a proposed New Urbanist community located within the municipality of Tuburao, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is currently a 496 hectare rice plantation abutting a local highway. The site is low to the ground and prone to flooding; it is proposed to be bisected in half with a new municipal thoroughfare; and the site is further chopped up into wedges with three large-scale unattractive power lines and easements. To address flooding, Fazenda Reboredo uses a levee system encircling the entire property, and creates many new lakes and canals providing fill to raise the elevation. A Knowledge Center Axis of civic institutions and parks abuts the proposed municipal thoroughfare on both sides, transforming it from a divider into an anchor. The power lines and easements were isolated into thin strips of islands that buffered the various neighborhoods with a system of lakes and canals. Fazenda Reboredo will have a small downtown abutting the local highway encircling a lake with its own promenade of medium sized mixed-use buildings, with a small portion towering up as high as twelve stories. In the end, the project is projected to have approximately 2,000 residential lots, just under one million square meters of developable land, and a building capacity of two and a half million square meters within the downtown.