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Brooklyn, New York, USA Proyect Participation

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Industry City is approximately 100 acres in size. The site is on Gowanus Bay overlooking the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. With the grid extended to the waterfront, Industry City will connect seamlessly to the rest of the city, allowing it to preserve the character of its urbanism and the scale of its fabric. All four of the possible project options utilize building typologies typical for the best parts of Manhattan, producing a yield for the site of approximately 11 million square feet. Roughly 4 million of these will be located in eighteen towers with small footprints. It is the excellent urban fabric with a well-defined public realm that makes this proposal different from a typical “housing project”: the towers are not floating in green leftover space but are embedded in dense urbanism in a manner similar to the best neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Industry City yields approximately 6,470 units. The architecture will be contemporary to complement the dignified industrial edifices existing on the site. The rhomboid and square footprints of the towers create various opportunities for inventive architectural expression and provide apartments with stunning views. Notwithstanding the likelihood of architectural virtuosity and dynamics of the towers, they will always be disciplined by the urbanism of the perimeter block.