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Bocas del Toro, Panama

Starfish is intended to be an eco-resort with energy-efficient and environmentally-sustainable measures that will minimize the development impact on the environment. It is located in Isla Colon within the province of Bocas del Toro in the Republic of Panama. Situated on the northwest corner of Panama, it is a popular vacation destination for not only locals, but for international travelers. The site is very unique in that it has extensive vegetation of various types; palm groves, mangroves, pine lands, grasslands, and a tropical rainforest. The site is located on the west end of the island and has access to the Atlantic Ocean, the interior bay, and a fresh water lake. The site has several pristine beaches that have attracted nature enthusiast for many years, including the famed “Star Fish Beach”. The south portion of the site is relatively flat with an immense amount of vegetation with subtle slopes of topography flattening out towards the bay. Not too far off from the southernmost edge of the site sits a small sandbar, available for development as well. The north portion of the site has more rugged topography, with a thick forest of vegetation. The topography on this northern portion provides spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. From several vantage points, one can also see Bird Island, an infamous and uninhabited sanctuary to thousands of birds. The flora and fauna within the entire property is very rich and as such, has remained a priority in its preservation. The master plan for Starfish is composed of a town center with two villages. A narrow access travel lane connects all the villages together and a more extensive network of trails and pedestrian/cartways complete the neighborhood structure. Starfish has an extensive variety of unit types and some with very unique conditions, among them; water villas, mangrove villas, and tree houses. Starfish provides opportunities for several high-end resort hotels as well as an equestrian center, organic farm, spa, marina, several interior lake beaches, and many other typical amenities found in New Urbanist communities and resorts.