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Samborondón, Ecuador

Batan is a site of 890 hectares on the northern edge of the metropolitan area of Guayaquil, Ecuador. The land lies in the fast developing county of Samborondon between the Daule River to the west and Babahoyo River to the east. It is crossed by a major highway connecting Guayaquil to the northern regions of Ecuador. The site is virtually flat, primarily agricultural, with lakes and inlets and is just barely above sea level. The highway leading to Batan is littered with suburban sprawl consisting of gated residential communities, shopping strip centers, and highway oriented businesses. Batan offers a unique concept aimed to address the many problems that lead to this pattern of unsustainable growth. The highway that crosses Batan will be transformed into an elegant boulevard. The community will be filled with a series of neighborhoods, each with its own character, offering mixed-use, pedestrian friendly, transit oriented, and inter-connected network of streets. Inspired by the flat topography and characteristics of the land, waterways will become the main theme of Batan. A network of canals and lakes will connect, secure and embellish the neighborhoods while functioning as a drainage system of the land. Once completed, Batan will serve as a true model of how to achieve sustainable growth on a regional scale.