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Santa Catarina, Brazil

Porto Baleias will represent a new model for sustainable development, integrating New Urbanist principles and practices of planning with a program oriented to ecological stewardship, economic growth, and social responsibility. The project will involve the development of no more than 480 hectaeres of a site that includes approximately 900 hectares. The site is situated on the coast of Paulo Lopes in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The proposed development will enable nearly half the site to be assigned to conservation and reforestation or water bodies, mostly under protection and stewardship that can be supported by the economic benefits associated with developing this proportion of the site. Development will take place in a pattern of compact, mixed-use, pedestrian oriented communities that will integrate the full array of best practices in low-impact design, energy efficiency, water management, waste treatment, healthy and ecologically friendly building, and stewardship of an and ecologically important preserve.